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You are most welcome to myjungledoctor.com website. Why the name Jungle Doctor? You will get to read how I was taken ill by diabetes and hypertension in February 2000, the challenges I faced battling the disease, and how an invincible determination to confront the disease and to cure it finally paid off. Winning over those twin diseases, diabetes and hypertension, earned me the Jungle Doctor title. What makes the story interesting is to have been able to cure the disease against several odds and limited resources, except for the availability of the Internet for research, and the sheer determination and will to cure a disease that is otherwise labeled incurable, chronic, and progressive.

Incredibly those diseases, diabetes and hypertension, were battled in Africa, which is sometimes described as the jungle by some, and overcome. Is Jungle Doctor therefore not a fitting title though I am neither a doctor nor a healthcare professional of any sort?

Along the journey of finding a cure for the disease I acquired an incredible reserve of knowledge and swore to give back and share that knowledge with the world, most especially with all those who are in despair and at their wits end battling the disease, and have tried all that orthodox medicine has to offer. Doubtless, they would benefit from my story.

Please you are invited to read on.

My Battle With Diabetes And Hypertension

How it all begun

I had a sweet tooth from birth and it carried on with me to adulthood. On my many travels during my working life, I never missed an opportunity to heavily indulge in my habit. It was just a matter of time when I would be diagnosed as a diabetic and also hypertensive.

The psychological trauma and the depression that followed the diagnosis were devastating. It took time to come to terms with my new reality and to surrender, rather uncompromisingly, to the fate that had suddenly befallen me. Deep within me, I did not accept my condition. My doctor at the time put me on a regime of pharmaceutical drugs and pronounced a sentence of addiction to those drugs for life. I pleaded guilty to that sentence but swore in my heart nonetheless to free myself eventually, which I did.

Failure of Allopathic Medicine

I changed doctors and pharmaceutical drugs for thirteen years whilst I lived with and managed my condition without any hope of complete freedom from the disease on the horizon. The refrain from most of the healthcare professionals that attended to was that diabetes was chronic, incurable, and progressive and it was hopeless, with current knowledge and technology, to expect permanent relief from the condition.

I was treated by excellent empathetic doctors, who gave me all the care their profession and ethics would allow but my condition didn’t get better.

In hindsight, I cannot blame any of my helpers who attended me, for they were bound by the ethics of their profession to act the way they did and to treat disease by drugs. This is the juncture where allopathic medicine failed and I sought relief from nature.

Resort To Nature and Plants

Allopathy is the treatment of disease by conventional means with drugs. Healthcare professionals did their best for me but failed to give me relief from my condition. I was compelled to resort to alternative medicine for relief. From 2013 to 2016 I studied all I could about Diabetes and Hypertension. I read voraciously and spared no effort, time, or opportunity to know the subject intimately. By the end of 2016, I clearly understood, without any equivocation, that the body could be assisted with the right diet, among other things, to heal itself from any disease. (The constituents of the right diet are addressed elsewhere on this website.)

Signs Of Victory

I set about to test the hypothesis that “the human body if given the chance and assisted with the appropriate diet, is capable of curing itself of disease”. It was only a matter of time when empirical evidence confirmed the hypothesis. Without a doubt, the human body, if given the chance, and assisted with the appropriate diet, is capable of curing itself of disease. My health improved considerably; my sugar levels began to resolve normally. My hypertension also improved.

Final Victory – The Battle is Won

I had learned from my readings that whatever the human mind resolves to do, with an invincible determination that allows no room for surrender, it can achieve. I was so much encouraged by the improvements I noticed in health that I continued to apply the knowledge and principles I had acquired from my readings. Come 17th October 2017 I became completely free of Diabetes and Hypertension. I no longer take any drugs whatsoever for both conditions. My battle with the disease has turned me into an incorrigible empiricist, and it will be difficult for anyone or any circumstances to tear from my heart the abiding conviction that the body is capable of healing itself completely from the disease if given the right diet. Drugs can only manage any health condition. A true diet cures the disease.

Jungle Doctor – The Crown of Victory

The title Jungle Doctor is the badge of victory, the crown of victory, the reward for victory over disease.

Anyone Can Heal From Diabetes And Hypertension

Diabetes and hypertension are often found together. They are awful, painful, and utterly debilitating diseases that do not need to be managed for life. They need to be cured to make for a better quality of life for all who suffer from them.

My suffering for eighteen years, my challenges with those diseases, and my experience of the damaging effects of those diseases compel me to be of service to all that are still suffering from those diseases.

Reverse Your Diabetes Today

The purpose of this website is to provide enlightenment, knowledge, and education to all eager to rid themselves of their condition.

John Derby
The Jungle Doctor



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