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Natural Diet and Eating Plans for Type 2 Diabetes Cure – Part1

The right diet, together with other lifestyle changes is capable of curing or reversing diabetes. The diet choices must be unprocessed, natural, and plant-based. The lifestyle changes involve routine daily actions that are critical for success. The roadmap to diabetes cure is explained hereafter. 1.0 Understanding the Diabetes Natural Cure Process For me as the Jungle

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About Diabetes – Seek a Natural Cure

Introduction I am an ordinary man who endured 18 years of diabetes and hypertension in the jungle, in Africa. Curing my condition earned me the title of Jungle Doctor (JD). It is my intention, on this website, to attempt to communicate in as simple a language as possible, to reach as many people as possible

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About John

You are most welcome to website. Why the name Jungle Doctor? You will get to read how I was taken ill by diabetes and hypertension in February 2000, the challenges I faced battling the disease, and how an invincible determination to confront the disease and to cure it finally paid off. Winning over those

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